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YXE Quarter works in one hour increments. The minimum service time is one hour. Even if your service is short, the quartet will fulfil the time commitment by playing music before and after your ceremony. Traditional masses with communion generally require 1.5 hours including prelude and postlude.
Quartet  $700 first hour, followed by $650/hour  |  2 violin, viola, cello
Trio  $550 first hour, followed by $500/hour  |  Violin, viola, cello
Duo  $450 first hour, followed by $400/hour  |  2 violin, violin & viola, or violin & cello
Soloist  $300 first hour, followed by $250/hour  |  Violin or viola or cello


Please review our contract for additional information on payment,
cancelation policy, terms and conditions.
Download contract (PDF)
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